Chinese Church

This bilingual worship service is open to everyone on Sunday mornings from 11:00 - 2:30 pm and lunch is included. This ministry targets the native Chinese speakers living in our community. The majority of the members are international students from Ashland University or the Seminary, and many have never left home before. The Chinese Church here at Park Street provides a resource to these individuals to help them adapt to American culture, understand the Ashland Community, and encourage growth in their faith.

“My name is Dolly Dong. I am the Chinese Church pastor of Park Street Brethren Church. I have lived and worked for the Chinese community and families in Ashland for almost 10 years. I spend most of the time working with all of Ashland University international students, particularly the Chinese students, who come to me for help in understanding the American culture and language. I want to follow God’s calling and continue to help the international students to become a part of the Ashland community.”

-Pastor Dolly