Next Steps

What's Your Next Step?

At Park Street, we are committed to empowering authentic disciples who live life on mission with God.

 This is how we do it.

There is a reoccurring theme that emerges when you read the Bible: even though it might surprise us, God consistently chooses to use broken men and women to accomplish His goals and extend His grace. At Park Street, we believe that those stories aren’t simply relics of the past, but an invitation that God desires for all His people to follow. Through His free gift of grace that was offered on the cross, Jesus invites all of His followers to surrender their brokenness to Him and live a new life in submission to the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. But what does that look like? What does it mean to be an authentic disciple living life on mission? And while a dynamic relationship with God can never be reduced down to a list, at Park Street we believe that evidence of following Jesus can be seen through these four key disciplines.

  1. Praising God in corporate worship.
  2. Seeking God through discipleship.
  3. Honoring God in our stewardship.
  4. Sharing God through our leadership.

So, what’s your next step in becoming an authentic disciple? For some the next step would be to simply attend church more regularly. For others, the next step is getting involved in a discipling community (Small Group, Bible Study, or Spiritual Mentorship.) Others need to take a next step by investing into the life of their church through their gifts and resources. Some have done the first three regularly for years but have yet to find a way to share their faith in their workplace or neighborhood - that is their next step. Whatever your next step is, our staff and leaders want to walk alongside you in this journey of following Jesus!


Let us help you take your Next Step >>

Want a more personal contact? Call our office Monday-Thursday (9am-3pm) at (419) 289-0224, email us at, or stop by our office at 619 Park Street, Ashland, OH to find out how we can help you take your next step in faith.

Maybe yours will be one more story of God using an unlikely leader to advance His Kingdom.

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