Leadership is all about changing your environment and that's exactly what Christians do - we change our environments to be a reflection of the Kingdom of God.

The fist step of leadership is being a good follower. That's why we think that every follower of Christ already occupies a leadership role - by submitting to the Lordship of Jesus, a person becomes a leader for the Kingdom. We believe that God created every member of the church body to fulfill significant roles in ministry. Through a shared leadership structure of staff, leadership board, and deacons, we work toward fully equipping the church body to fulfill its mission.

Leadership Board

Here at Park Street, we believe that God created every member of the church body to fulfill a significant role in reaching our community (and our world) for Christ. Members of the Leadership Board serve as ministry leaders and at-large members who make critical decisions for the oversight and effective working of the congregation. These individuals are unpaid elected volunteers who serve this church community as representatives in the oversight of the church's ministry.

Park Street Staff

It's wonderful to have people that have a capacity to dream about the future and manage the systems required to make a church function. Something else that a church needs to thrive is men and women who know how to get things done. Our paid and unpaid staff work with our volunteer and church members to make sure the work of Park Street does not go undone. They are the tangible hands and feet of Christ in our community. 


The Deacons act as spiritual guides and equippers for the congregation - providing discernment and care to aid in the spiritual health of the church. They are unpaid elected volunteers who serve this church community as spiritual caretakers and nurturers.  The deacon ministry is rooted in New Testament passages such as John 20:17 when Jesus instructed the Apostle Peter to "feed my sheep," and 2 Peter 1:3-11 where believers are invited to make every effort to add to our faith. The deacons at Park Street encourage spiritual transformation throughout the spiritual journey into Christ-likeness.

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