Class Registration Fall 2023 Session II


Session II begins November 5 and continues for 6 weeks

The After Party with Joe Griffith, Sadie Vanderzyden, and Tony Basham. Sundays at 9:00 am in Room 403

We don’t have all the answers, but we know we have lost our way. As Christians, we must confront toxic polarization and heal our broken politics. As we rebuild, we have a perfect example. Jesus refused to be defined by the politics of his day, and he calls us to be salt and light for our world as well. Our identity in Christ is far more important than any political party. But separating our Christian identity from our political one can be challenging. That’s what we will explore together.


Call Lanie at the church office at 419.289.0224 if you have questions about classes. Otherwise, plan to attend teh first class on November 5.

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