Pathways for Growth

Looking for a church can often be overwhelming for individuals who are trying to understand what 'faith in Jesus" is all about. Sometimes a life with Christ comes in our minds with a long list of 'do's and don'ts'. While we do not disagree that a life of faith is an active faith that evokes life changes, we've defined the life of a disciple into four areas that we call our Pathway.

Worship   -   Discipleship   -   Stewardship   -   Leadership

Worship - Praising God in corporate worship. You can have wonderful worship opportunities through the week, and we hope you do, but there is something special about gathering together with your community to exalt the name of Jesus and energize your faith through communion with God and others. Come join us for a time of worship and community.

Discipleship - Seeking God through discipleship. Jesus modeled discipleship through the way that he spent time with His followers and taught them about His Father throughout his life. Discipleship can come in thousands of formats, from Sunday morning Bible study, small groups, one-on-one discipleship, reading scripture, and much more. We hope you engage in the process of growing up in Christ through a meaningful intentional community.

Stewardship - Honor God in our stewardship. God has given us all unique gifts, skills, and abilities - and these are to help make the Church and our world a better place. We desire all of our church to give back what God has given to invest in the life of our church through the use of their spiritual gifts.

Leadership - Sharing God through our leadership. Leaders change their environments. Regardless if you are a business owner, college student, stay-at-home mom, or everything in between, you have an opportunity to change your environment every day by the way you respond to frustrating situations and make decisions that will make the world better.  We encourage our church to extend the gospel to the greater community through service, present, prayer, and leadership in our community.

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