Missional Partners

Park Street maintains a group of organizations that we partner with throughout the year, as we understand that our church is just a piece of a much larger story of what Jesus is doing in the world.

These partnerships are more than just one-time donations to an organization, but an ongoing relationship where we are seeking each others mutual good and a heart to see one another succeed.

Our partners are overseen by our Missional Partner Team, consisting of volunteers, staff members, and leadership board representation. Current team members include: Val Hall, Laura Kollar, Dick Winfield, Glenn Black, Doug Cooper, Karen Weidenhamer, and Gordan Swain.

Partnerships are multi-year committments for Park Street, with some of these relationships dating back for many decades.


Know of an organization that you would like to help us partner with? We'd love to hear the connections that you have and ways that you might be wanting to help connect what Jesus is doing in your life. Reach out to office@parkstreetbrethren.org and we will get you more information about this ministry.


The following describes our current partners.


Isaiah Project

Partnering with Ashland University and the Office of Christian Ministry, Park Street has helped offset the cost of mission trips for hundreds of students to be able to experience first hand the kingdom around the world. The largest barrier to students experiencing one of these trips is finances and our support helps keep these trips extremely affordable for students to allow Jesus to work through them.


Nimi on the Fly

Based out of Canton, OH, Nimi on the Fly is a collaborative ministry that has connected individuals with neighborhood kids as they learn the art and sport of fly fishing...right in their back yard. For many kids who are left to pass time on their own in the community, this opportunity to interact with adults and learn a new sustainable sport has had a huge impact. Through our partnership, we've helped restock a river with fish, purchase equipment, and provide classes for volunteers and students to learn together.



Coffee Growing Community

An unforeseen partnership with a village in Mexico lead Park Street members into a now decade long relationship with the people of Chicontla, Mexico - as we work together to preserve the history of the region while helping them provide sustainable farming, schooling, and living. Park Street has partnered with Coffee Growing Community in the building of a school, community center, the replanting of thousands of coffee plants, and the planting of new vanilla and cinnamon plants. Individuals, groups, and even our youth have taken regular trips to Mexico to continue our relationship and love for this community.


Riverside Christian School

Riverside Christian School is located in Lost Creek, KY, and is a private Christian school that has been run and operated in partnership with the Brethren Church for many years. Park Street has been blessed to send several teaches and administrators down to help run this school, loving the students and community that surrounds them. We have regularly been able to provide financial assistance, technology upgrades, and encouragement to this ministry over the years. 



Isaiah House

Coming out of Isaiah Project trips, a new ministry was birthed years ago in South Africa that seeks to love youth, take care of women, and share the truth, love and peace of Jesus. Park Street has supported this ministry by helping offset the cost of local youth leaders and most recently in the building of a community center for groups to gather, provide a space for education, and teach craft skills to those seeking labor jobs.


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