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Giving to Park Street

Scripture speaks in the Old Testament about giving a 'tithe' to the church, which we understand today as 10% of our income. But Jesus came asking for everything that his disciples had. In Acts, believers sold everything they owned, sharing with one another, and as a result, no one in the church was in need.

Park Street doesn't ask that you sell your home and give all the money away unless, of course, that is what God is asking you to do. We do ask that members of Park Street and those who worship with us regularly contribute financially to the work of Park Street Brethren Church.

Our ministries cannot function without your support, both financially and physically on a volunteer basis. If you are excited about the work that Jesus is doing at Park Street Brethren Church, prayerfully consider giving financially.

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Three Ways to Give

In Worship Services

At our Sunday worship services and sometimes during special events, a Tithes and Offerings Box is located at the Info Desk. Many of our attendees who have grown up in the church view giving as an expression of their worship experience and prefer this option of giving by paper check. 

Bill Pay/ACH

Many individuals use their bank to issue checks as a part of their giving practice. Bill Pay is a great way for you to manage your giving and is easy to arrange an automatic gift weekly or monthly. If you need assistance setting this up, feel free to contact our office.

Bill Pay can be sent to:

Park Street Brethren Church
619 Park Street Ashland, OH  44805

Online Giving

Need more ways to give? 

Give online now! Click the button below to give a one-time gift or set up a recurring contribution via your credit card or bank account.

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