God's Not Dead, Movie Review

Cindy Crist April 02, 2014

My family recently watched the God’s Not Dead movie in Mansfield, Ohio. We highly recommend that you see this movie and share it with family and friends!  It's a movie of encouragement and hope! The movie is a very powerful presentation of standing up for our faith, even when those around us don’t support us.

Synopsis [warning, some spoiliers]

The film focuses on a college campus and a new freshman student, who is a Christian, starting his Philosophy class, which is taught by an Atheist Professor.  The class opens with the professor wanting to skip over theism/religion because everyone knows that "God is Dead".  The lecture hall of 80 students is told that they simply need to write those three words on a piece of paper - God Is Dead - and sign their name, and they will pass that unit.  However, one student, can’t do that. As a result, He’s challenged by the professor to defend his position in front of the class in future class sessions.

This student embarks on a courageous journey to illustrate to his classmates why God is NOT dead.  Many life lessons unfold in the movie, as different characters lives are shown, and also connected to each other.  Students from other nationalities that are forbidden to become Christians are also shown being shunned from their families.  One scene of violence takes place when a Muslim girl is struck by her father for admitting that she believes in Jesus as her savior. Further, she is kicked out of the home.  Again a display of courage in standing up for what one believes.  A big shot journalist finds out she has cancer, and finds herself on top of the world one day, and at the bottom, alone the next day.  She questions faith and finds answers. The Duck Dynasty couple speak out about their faith.  And you'll want to listen closely to the spiritual wisdom offered by an elderly mother to her estranged son. Later, the Newsboys perform a concert in the area of the college campus, called the God’s Not Dead Tour!  And we won't ruin the surprise ending for you...Must see!!

-- Cindy Crist


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