Becoming a member of a church is a lot like deciding to buy a home. You spend a lot of time researching and visiting the community where you plan to live. Eventually, after all of that research, you might decide this it is the place for you, and it's time to buy your house and make that community your home.

The same is true for a church. There may be a season in which you are just passing through, just visiting, trying to get a feel for the people, the doctrines, and the culture. Eventually, it becomes clear that this is where you want to put down roots. It’s time to take ownership and invest in your church community.


Why Membership?

Becoming a member at Park Street is a way for individuals and families to commit publicly to this particular body of believers. This commitment invites us into unity and relationship, even when we disagree, and prevents us from trying to follow Jesus alone. Membership brings us into mutual teaching, submission, service, correction, encouragement, and rebuke.

Expectations of Members

Members at Park Street are expected to:

  • Profess faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God
  • Be baptized as a testimony of salvation (believer’s baptism)
  • Affirm Park Street’s mission and core values
  • Assist the church, in community, to discern the Lord’s direction 
  • Participate in the Park Street Pathway:
    •    Worship  Join others in regular worship together.
    •    Discipleship  Spend time with others and Jesus as we grow together.
    •    Stewardship  Use your time, gifts, and talents to edify and encourage the church.
    •    Leadership  Change the environment of our community and world through intentional, Christ-led involvement. 


United in Love: Park Street’s Responsibility to Our Members

Members of Park Street can expect the following upon joining this community of believers:

  • We will strive to be aware of, check in on, and help to address each other/'s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical welfare. 
  • We will regularly pray for, encourage, and support each other during good times and bad.
  • We will “leave the ninety nine” to actively encourage, remind, and correct those who may have wandered from the flock in an effort to restore them to the community. 

How to Become a Member at Park Street

In addition to the expectations listed above, individuals who wish to become members should:

  • Attend at least one 6-week Sunday class series to develop relationships with others.  This class is offered annually.
  • Meet with a pastoral staff member to review Park Street’s mission, core values, and Pathway to learn opportunities to plug in.
  • Be celebrated, affirmed, and received in a new member affirmation service. We want to recognize your commitment & celebrate as a family!

 To understand more about the beliefs and practices of Park Street Brethren Church, listen to the Message of Faith Sermon Series 2021. 


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