Becoming a member of a church is a lot like deciding to buy a home. You spend a lot of time researching and visiting the community where you plan to live. Eventually, after all of that research, you might decide this is the place for you; it’s time to buy a house and make this community home.

The same is true for a church. There may be a season in which you are just passing through, just visiting, trying to get a feel for the neighbors, the doctrines, and the community. Eventually, it becomes clear that this is where you want to put down roots. It’s time to take ownership and invest in your church community. 

Our Next Step 

The fall and winter of 2021 revealed opportunities for us at Park Street to clarify our pathway for membership and strengthen both the church and the individual's understanding of membership in a new era. While we have a stated process for membership, so much has changed in the way that we interact with one another, spend our time, invest in the church, and express our faith in Jesus. 

In Spring 2022, Park Street will begin a communal discernment process to hear from our current members. We will ask root questions like:

  • What does it mean to be a member?
  • What can be expected of members?
  • How should a membership process work?
  • What has been done that needs preserving?
  • What needs to be created for a new way of being the Body of Christ?

At the conclusion of that process, we will renew our membership documents and make them widely available, both to individuals who have been members at Park Street and those looking to join. 

Your Next Step

In the meantime, there are some Next Steps that you can take to continue to make Park Street Brethren Church your home.

Contact our office ( (419-289-0224) for:

  • Access to our Brethren in America videos. These videos will give you a brief look back into where Brethren came from and the DNA that makes us unique
  • Find a place to serve or be discipled. One of the best ways to get to know others is to serve or grow alongside each other. We would be happy to assist in getting you connect to new opportunities for both growth and leadership.
  • Meet with a Park Street leader. Perhaps you have more questions about Park Street and want to talk to learn more. We'd love to hear your story or answer your questions. Our church staff, deacons, and leadership board members would gladly spend some quality time with you or your family.

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