Together with Jesus. It's the simplest way we can put it, and we love the variety of ways we can do it. Park Street has three categories in which we believe discipleship happens well.

1) Classes. For some who are checking out church or wanting to get more involved, the idea of jumping into a 'Life Group' or 'Mentorship' can seem daunting, so we offer a variety of classes throughout the year. Each class session has a start date and an end date (typically no more than six weeks). Classes usually occur on Sunday mornings to provide child care for families. We think as you learn more about a particular topic, you will also meet others at Park Street and be drawn closer to Jesus in the process.

2) Life Groups. Life groups take various forms; Bible studies, mentorship, financial counseling, women's groups, men's groups, book clubs, etc. Life groups are people who want to spend a longer timer together. This doesn't have to mean forever, but to be known by a group of people and journey through life takes commitment. Depending on your stage of life (single, engaged, married, having kids, kids leaving, empty nesting), you likely have a unique schedule and desire for gathering.

3) Events. From time to time, we don't think we need six weeks to talk about a topic, but we want a one-time event to pull us together for a common purpose. We will promote these events through email and online announcements to make sure anyone who wants to gather is welcome. 

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