Finding a Place

Finding a Place
March 22, 2018


Finding a Place

This Ohio winter has been dragging and lagging, and is beginning to resemble the Sahara Desert. Bear with me on this comparison, but it’s closer than one may think. Extreme temperatures, exhausting terrain, and the feeling that the end is nowhere in sight. And yet, despite this bleak environment, herds of animals always seem to find their watering hole.

Humans are different. In the middle of winter, instead of venturing outside, we tend to hibernate and stay indoors. It seems smart. I mean, it’s safe and warm inside. But when Ohio winters drag on for four months, people begin to get itchy feet. Spouses begin to get irritable, kids begin to rambunctious, and siblings get annoying. People are not designed to stay cooped up for that long of a time. We need an outlet, an activity. We need a watering hole.

The famed American sociologist, Ray Oldenburg, did extensive research on public gather places, and how necessary they are for the functioning of human society. We spend the majority of our time at home and at work (or school). “Third Spaces,” as he referred to them, are where people gather outside of their primary two spaces. Be it a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, library, or park, a third space is the lifeline to a community. It is where people freely gather, in an organic fashion, and conversations start, relationships are made, and deep breaths are taken. Third spaces are a source of life, because it breaks up the day to day agenda.

As winter continues to drag, we want you to think of where your “third space” may be. If you cannot think of one, as a church, we want to encourage you to find one. They are essential for stress release, relaxation, and fun.

You have an awesome opportunity coming up this Friday, March 23, here at Park Street. We refuse to let this cold snow dictate our mood, therefore, we are having a Dance Party!! From 5:30-8:00pm, we are going to serving snacks, playing music, and busting moves out on the dance floor. We encourage you all to leave the house, forget your list of responsibilities, and just be silly. Come and have fun, we’ll be expecting you!


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