Helping your child be a good friend

Helping your child be a good friend
Leah Sprague May 09, 2018 0 comments


We all want our child to be a good friend; someone who is kind, generous, and compassionate toward others. Learning to be a good friend only happens through practice. Our children will learn to be a good friend as they experience real friendship with real people. These interactions can be messy. Our child will hurt others and others will hurt our child, but that reality shouldn’t deter us from helping our child be a great friend.

Research shows that kids with good friendships feel better about themselves, perform better in school, and are better equipped to grow into well adjusted adults. We know there are great benefits to having good friends and being a good friend, but HOW do we help our kids BE a good friend?

Check out this video, and we’ll follow up later in the month with a few more practical suggestions on HOW to help your child be a good friend.

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