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Identify and relationships

Student ministry at Park Street focuses on instilling the truth of scriptures, stories to build your life upon, and above all else, helping parents and youth establish their Identity as being rooted in a child of God.

Park Street junior high (6th-8th grade) and senior high (9th-12th grade) have multiple opportunities to connect at Park Street. Unique times for these age groups occur on Sunday morning for relationships building, with each other and with gifted college students and church members who have a heart for loving this age group with Christ's heart.

  • Junior High meets at 9:00 a.m. with Taylor Clay & company.
  • Senior High meets at 6pm with Cameron Johnson & Taylor Clay

Sunday evening gatherings provide opportunities for large group games, relationships, and additional time together. These gatherings may be teaching-based, service-oriented, exploring creative expressions of worship, game-based, or simply relational times to form deeper relationships. 




So Youth Ministry is just like it used to be?


Today's students face challenges that many adults and even youth adults could never have dreamed of.

Sure, some of the challenges of being a youth are the same.  

  • What am I here for?
  • Where do I fit in?
  • How does God fit into my life?
  • Balancing school, sports, and life are complicated.
  • Relationships with friends can be complex.

What has changed is the amount of false information that students have access to in the world. Trying to make sense of a broken world requires help from their parents, grandparents, family members, church leaders, youth leaders, and peers. 

At Park Street, we want to help students know the Truth of Christ, and we want to help equip families to be everyday disciple-makers.


Let's get my kids plugged in.

We're ready as well. Sometimes our youth gatherings locations change or times change because of either busy schedules or creative events. If it's the first time stopping by, or you've been out of the loop, you can always reach out to us and ensure you have the right day, time, & location.

Contact Park Street

Once connected with our youth staff, we use specific email lists and group texting to keep you in the loop to week-by-week changes and opportunities to connect deeper.


What about the parents/guardians?

Park Street occasionally has classes, specifically for parents raising kids, and our youth staff is always eager to talk with you about your kids. Your kids don't need to be in crisis. We just desire to know how we can partner with you to help your kid(s) love Jesus and love others.




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Middle School & High School Youth   

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