New Here?

It's true. We often describe ourselves and our lives as a mess. Partly because you won't find any perfect people at Park Street (or folks pretending they are perfect). Instead, you'll find men and women who desire to discover who they were made to be who are being transformed into more of their true selves and joining God on his mission to Ashland and the world.


What can I expect on Sunday

We walk this journey in our worship services each week. Our 9 o'clock service is a blend of hymns and contemporary songs while exploring the truth of Scripture for our lives. Our 10:30 contemporary worship invites worshipers to the gym for a cup of coffee to enjoy singing along with the band and engage with Pastor Nate's sermon.. "Going Deeper" questions are given to you each week to help you make what you learn come alive in your own life. Excellent child care and teaching are provided for kids during both services.

We also walk this journey in smaller gatherings of people each week. Some meet in ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) Groups on Sunday morning for study, growing friendships, and deeper personal discovery. Others choose from one of over a dozen small groups that meet at various times through the week. Friendships formed here will become the people in your life that provide support, encouragement, and lessons for life.

We also walk this journey by being a people who serve one another and our community. Whether it be helping with our kids, meeting needs for our immediate neighbors, or even partnering with coffee growers in Mexico, Park Street believes that being on mission with God is an invitation open to all of us.