Threefold Communion

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Brethren Churches around the country annually take part in a special service on Palm Sunday called Threefold Communion.

Based on Jesus' Last Meal with his disciples, we spend an evening reflecting on Jesus' life and death. This is done in three parts:

1) A 'Love Feast'

2) Feet Washing

3) Eucharist (bread and cup)

The Love Feast can take many forms at Park Street. From a symbolic meal of finger foods, to a carry-in, or even a catered meal. The disciples did not know this was a special event at the time, they just knew they were eating with their friends and Rabbi, Jesus.

During the meal, Jesus got up and began to wash his disciples' feet. In remembrance of this event, we too wash one another's feet. During our service, men and women go into separate rooms where chairs, water basins, and towels have been prepared for everyone who is willing to humble themselves to wash the feet of another attendee. This act of humility is only surpassed by the opportunity for someone else to bend down and wash your feet. The act of 'washing' is typically cupping some water onto another's feet and towel drying them. A word of prayer or blessing often accompanies this moment, as it is humble for both individuals.

Lastly, we break a small piece of bread with another attendee and take communion (bread and grape juice), as we remember how Jesus freely gave His life so that we might be able to come into the Lord's presence blameless and forgiven.

Additional details to come.



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